Since its inception in 2002, alliantgroup has remained steadfast in its dedication to philanthropy. In particular, the company draws from CEO Dhaval Jadav’s passion for STEM education and giving back to the community. The culmination of this passion, known as the Blue Heart Fund, has impacted countless lives in the greater Houston area.

Why was the Blue Heart Fund started?

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in the fall of 2017, it left behind a path of destruction that can still be seen today. During the initial fallout, alliantgroup employees from all departments banded together to offer aid, such as donating to Houston Food Bank and demolishing razed homes. However, alliantgroup realized that so many people in Houston needed all kinds of assistance and support in the wake of the disaster, and wanted to find more ways to help.

With hundreds of employees rallying behind the cause, alliantgroup began its Blue Heart Fund initiative. The non-profit effort supports alliantgroup’s employees, clients, and community as Houston continues to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. 

What do Hurricane Harvey and STEM education have in common?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Houston Independent School District reported that over a quarter of its schools sustained flood damage severe enough to temporarily close them. This displaced hundreds of students, negatively impacting their education. 

The Blue Heart Fund will not only be dedicated to those affected by recent events, but will be a long-term effort to help rebuild our local communities and expand opportunities for students and local families,” Dhaval Jadav said in a 2017 Blue Heart Fund press release.

The Blue Heart Fund affirms that an investment in STEM education equates to an investment in the Houston community. With technology becoming increasingly important in all industries and workplaces, now is the time to communicate the importance of STEM to eager students.

What does the Blue Heart Fund do?

After alliantgroup’s initial $50,000 contribution to the fund, as well as a personal contribution of $200,000 from Dhaval Jadav, the Blue Heart Fund was set in motion. The initiative used those proceeds to support the rebuilding of Houston’s community keystones, particularly local schools. The Blue Heart Fund bolsters science, technology, engineering, and math classrooms and programs in the surrounding community, and additionally offers scholarship opportunities and hosts STEM career events. In a world that faces increasing STEM needs and a diminishing pool of professionals, the Blue Heart Fund provides students with opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve.

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