The ability to retain top talent is one of the factors that make a successful business. After hiring someone and investing time and effort into their development, it’s important to keep employees satisfied. Many employees initially accept their job positions because of things such as salary, benefits and retirement plans. However, those things are not enough reason to stay employed long term if they’re not happy. Many people will move to a different company if they aren’t satisfied and another company is willing to offer them even five percent more. It is absolutely necessary that companies focus on job satisfaction if they hope to increase their retention rates.

The first thing to understand in retaining top talent is that expectations should be clear. The job description should have an accurate explanation of what the position requires so employees understand what is expected of them. For everyone to be on the same page communication needs to be made as clearly and directly as possible. To establish company goals there should be meetings that allow everyone to provide feedback and have an opportunity to voice their concerns or ask questions. When the expectations are clear and understandable good employees will want to understand their position so that they can perform well.

When retaining the top talent it’s imperative that employees are satisfied with their jobs. The people in charge should take the time to get to know each individual employee a bit and be able to greet everyone by name. Make top talent feel that not only are they recognized, but that the contributions they make to the company are acknowledged. When employers do this top talent feels more secure in their position and can experience higher job satisfaction. Always encourage employees to provide input on the work being done and share any ideas or changes that they believe will improve the business, in any aspect. Employees are an asset.

It is also important to make the environment as open and honest as possible. People want to feel as though there is transparency within their management. Leaders should take the time to sit down with their team, face to face, and discuss any work-related concerns, news, or idea. Retaining top talent happens when people feel heard so make sure that everyone feels that their voice and opinions matter. Successful businesses do not let rumors take over. Instead, they keep top talent informed about anything that is going on within the company.

One of the biggest ways a business can ensure that they are retaining their top talent is to provide growth opportunities and room for advancement. Employees should be provided with work that taps into their passion and energizes them. Businesses that utilize things such as tuition reimbursement and mentoring programs have the highest retention rates. Every employee should have a career development plan that has been established with the help of their team leaders, as well as having clear communication about anything that can be improved. Allow good employees to grow within your business and offer them things to help develop their personal and professional lives.

Mentoring programs are a fantastic onboarding tool. The onboarding process is a company’s first impression on a new employee. Make sure that it is as streamlined as possible. The process should be as efficient, straightforward and engaging as possible. By making mentoring a part of your company’s core you can encourage professional relationships that provide growth opportunities for everyone involved. The process helps to introduce new employees to their coworkers as well as the industry. Mentoring is effective in not only passing along important information but also improving employees’ goal-setting skills, job satisfaction, and overall work performance. Increased job satisfaction leads to greater retention rates and more skilled employees.

Flexibility is also important to most people. More than ever before, businesses are offering remote working options, PTO policies that are fluid, and flexible hours. Encourage flexibility so that not only are employees happier, they are also more productive. When people feel that their job offers them the mobility that they desire, they are far more likely to stay with the company.

Finally, a business should invest in consumer-grade technology and tools for all of their employees. A very common complaint of today’s workforce is that they are dealing with outdated technology and hardware, which makes their jobs more difficult. Show employees that you care about not only their well-being but their ability to do their jobs by providing them with multiple sources of technology and tools that can adequately assist them in their work.