About alliantgroup

alliantgroup is a Houston-based national tax consultancy group.

The group helps strengthen American businesses through providing them with the necessary help that allows them to take full advantage of the tax incentives and deductions that are available to small- and medium-sized businesses. Along with the clients advising CPA firm, alliantgroup gives them all the tools necessary to benefit from these federal and state tax benefits.

With over 600 employees ranging from tax attorneys, litigators, CPAs, architects, software developers, scientists, engineers, former Big 4 accounting firm partners, and PhDs,

the team has worked with more than 16,000 businesses and helped them claim more than $8 billion in tax incentives.

Employing staff with such diverse backgrounds ensures that they always have a strong understanding of how to substantiate claims for every type of client they may work with.

Their clients come from a number of different industries, including construction, architecture, agriculture, manufacturing, engineering, and software and technology sectors.

History of alliantgroup

alliantgroup was founded in 2001 by Dhaval Jadav and Shane T Frank. Both men had a background in law and were discussing different ways to maximize tax code. There were numerous available incentives in the areas of exporting, manufacturing, and research and development but these incentives were difficult to both find and apply for. For small- to medium-sized businesses, trying to earn these incentives was not a task they had the bandwidth for. As a result, only one in 20 businesses that were eligible for these credits was actually receiving them. The two men realized they had found a worthy idea, and today Jadav serves as CEO of the company and Frank as COO.

As the company grew, Dhaval Jadav used alliantgroup’s expertise and passion to give back to the Houston community. By compiling funds, alliantgroup was able to create the Blue Heart Fund, a means of empowering young STEM professionals. Each year, alliantgroup offers scholarships to high school students who want to pursue STEM and STEM-related industries. It’s one small way of giving back, but it’s one that can make a world of difference for STEM hopefuls!

Check out alliantgroup’s blog section to learn more about how we can all help encourage STEM education and support the wider STEM community.

To do so, they created a scholarship program for high school students in the Houston area interested in entering a career in the STEM field. As the company believes that technology and innovation are two of the major components of economic growth, they’re proud to be able to sponsor students to grow in those areas.

In addition to offering tax services to their clients, employees at alliantgroup also work with lawmakers and members of congress to help make sure that the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses are being considered and met.

With 20 offices across the United States and two located in the United Kingdom, alliantgroup is maximize how many clients they are able to assist.