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Meet Dhaval Jadav, CEO and Co-Founder of alliantgroup

“I am constantly trying to figure out how we can better serve U.S. businesses and the CPA firms that serve them in our great country – these businesses are the heart and soul of America, and I am on a personal crusade to make sure that they get their fair share of credits and incentives that our government has allocated.”

Dhaval Jadav

CEO and Co-Founder, alliantgroup

Dhaval Jadav is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of alliantgroup. It is his leadership and vision that have exacted great influence upon the company’s values of encouraging STEM education and philanthropic actions.

Dhaval Jadav holds a Masters of Laws (LLM) degree in taxation from Georgetown University Law Center, and is a licensed attorney in the state of Texas. After graduating and serving public and private sectors, he worked in the Houston District Counsel Office of the International Revenue Service before moving on to work at one of the Big Four accounting firms, Deloitte & Touche.

Over the years, Dhaval Jadav helped establish alliantgroup Gives Back, a program that encourages alliantgroup employees to participate in a number of volunteer and charitable initiatives, including volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. At alliantgroup, Dhaval Jadav has had the opportunity to further contribute to the Houston community. His interest in technology and innovation has not waned, and he especially takes pride in his involvement with alliantgroup’s STEM scholarship program. As he believes the American economy is largely driven by technological innovation, he is proud to be part of a program that supports community growth by providing scholarships to high school students in the Houston area seeking to pursue careers in STEM-fields.

To continue giving back to the community, Dhaval Jadav also established alliantgroup Gives Back, a program which encourages alliantgroup employee participation in charitable incentives. Along with his participation at alliantgroup, Dhaval has also partnered with organizations such as ZMFF&J Law, and DSquared Tax Strategies. In addition to his work in the field, he has also contributed to several industry publications, including Harvard Business Review and Reuters Breakingviews.