If you’ve read our other blog posts, you’re likely familiar with alliantgroup’s Blue Heart Fund. This program, started by alliantgroup co-founder and CEO Dhaval Jadav, offers scholarships to students who are going into STEM-related majors in college. alliantgroup has used its position to give back to the Houston community, with the ultimate goal of promoting STEM education and building up a powerful STEM workforce. If your company wants to give back to the STEM community by encouraging young students, learn how you can do so by reading on.

Incorporate Outreach Into Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Many businesses are adopting the concept of CSR, using their influence to give back to the communities that support them. While there are countless CSR initiatives that companies can dedicate themselves to, STEM education outreach is one great method. CSR teams can sponsor education programs centered around STEM, offering funding that public schools would otherwise not be able to accrue. Cisco is one such company whose CSR program partners with schools and associations to sponsor science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education for students across the country.

Encouraging Employees to Volunteer in STEM Initiatives

Many after-school STEM events and similar programs rely on volunteers to stay operable. In general, many corporations have promoted the benefits of volunteerism for employees, citing improved mental health, lower blood pressure, and increased happiness as reasons for workers to go out and make the world a better place. However, to encourage employees to do so, you have to provide the right incentives. Spotlight STEM organizations that your employees can relate to, whether they’re based in your area or could directly impact your local population. In addition, it can help to offer paid time off for volunteering, or even just incorporating the concept into your company culture!

Push For Local STEM Policy

Every company wants to lobby for something, and improved education is a cause everyone can get behind. Grassroots organizations in support of advancing STEM education use the voices of businesses, particularly those on the local level, to spread their messages. Business leaders in particular can use their platforms to promote STEM education and relevant policy, participating in business summits and other events to push for stronger STEM programs in schools around the country. After all, local business founders and leaders double as community leaders. That means you, as a business owner, should be active in making your community a better place!